• Telephone Set (FeTAp) 79

    The phone manufactured by the German Federal Mail was referred to as a dial telephone - Fernsprechtischapparat (FeTAp). On a dial the telephone number was dialed. The phones were considered to be very robust and many of the components could be repaired and reused.
  • Typewriter Urania

    The Uriana was a mechanical and manual typewriter. It was manufactured in the beginning of the 20th Century in Saxony, Germany. The basic function and keyboard layout of typewriters at that time was taken up for today’s computerized text processing.

  • GAF View-Master

    With the GAF View Master stereoscopic images could be viewed on a disk through two lenses. With the help of a lever it was possible to switch between the two images. The 3D images showed travel destinations, scenes from cinema films and television series or scientific presentations.
  • Intercom Lion Solid State

    The product is also called simply intercom. Without a handset, speech is transmitted via electrical signals similar to a speakerphone. Originating in office communications, intercoms were developed to reduce telephone charges.