Interview Veronica Kraemer

Veronica Kraemer is an Artist from Brazil.

Could you please introduce yourself?

I am Veronica Kraemer,  an artist that lives in Brazil. I have an atelier, where I make my mosaics, paint furnitures, pots, and I love to reduce, reuse and recycle! I love to teach everything I do!

Is there a sound dear to your heart? Could you tell us about it?

I love the sound of bells! This sounds make me go inside and meet a part of me that I forget sometimes. And there is a sound that makes my body shakes: The sounds of the mosques! I never went to places, that have those sounds. I think maybe it is from another live!

Is there a sound that brings back memories of your childhood?

The sound of the rain outside, in my mom`s house, close to Christmas.

Which certain disappearing sound should be preserved?

The sounds of Atari games!!!

How important are sounds to you in your everyday life?

I work alone in my atelier, and I listen to the radio all day.
I love random musics, sometimes I sing, sometimes I dance!

And sometimes people keep talking outside, loud, and I want to say: Shut up please, I´m concentrated!

Could you describe the soundscape of your daily work as an artist?

Music from 70´s, 80´s and 90´s.

Have you sensed a transformation of sounds over time?

Yes! Now they are a bit robotized, aren´t they?

Sometimes I have to stop and listen to the sound of wind, or rain, and spacially water.

Should sound be preserved? Why?

I think everything that passes makes a mark, and shall be preserved, for others to come and learn with that.

Sounds are special, just like other sensations. I think we can´t despise past, because we came from past!

Is there a sound you would not preserve? Why?

The sounds of war. Because they mean destruction, sadness, and bring us bad feelings.

Veronica Kraemer, São Paulo, Brazil, 03/09/2020


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