Terms of use

Terms of use for the upload functionality of image and sound files to be used by „CONSERVE THE SOUND“

By uploading your image and sound files, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

I confirm that I am of legal age (18 years).

As a licenser, I agree to share my image and sound materials with the project „CONSERVE THE SOUND“ (CTS), represented through CHUN+DERKSEN GbR, free of charge.

As the holder of rights, I entitle CHUN+DERKSEN GbR to the non-exclusive right of use in the context of the project „CONSERVE THE SOUND.“

This warrant does include the potential playback in Online, TV, and Radio reporting about CTS. Additionally the material can be used for promotional purposes of the CTS project.

Sharing uploaded content with a third party is only allowed if the third party is an institution using the material in a not-for-profit context for teaching or research purposes.

CTS is obligated to confer with the licenser before sharing the files with a museum or exhibit.

I confirm that I hold the usage rights to all the submitted files. Additionally I confirm that by publication of these materials, no personal rights will be affected and that my uploaded material does not include unauthorized content.

CTS will review all uploads and reserves the right to not publish your material.

At any given time can you withdraw your material. Just send an e-mail to contact@conservethesound.de and include your name, the title of the submitted object and your mail address. We will delete your uploaded materials right away. The right to use your material in Radio or TV broadcasting (in case your material has already at this point of time been included) remains intact. Further usage by institution (mentioned above) stays intact as well.