You came across a sound that is about to vanish and you would like to preserve it and exhibit it in our online archive. Let’s do it.

Please pay attention to the following steps:

Sound recording

It’s best to use decent equipment like a good microphone to ensure a high quality sound recording.
Make sure there are no other background noises and that you catch the sound without any echo
Before uploading you need to export the sound file to this format: MP3, Stereo, 192 kBit/s.
Maximum length of the recording is 45 seconds.


For the image gallery we’ll need three photos of the object that is the sound source. Please take those images of the object in front of a white background and crop to a square format.
We need one image with the complete object in full and two different images with close-ups to focus on details of the object.
The images have to be square at a minimum size of 555 x 555 pixels. Larger formats are permitted as long as the file size does not exceed 2MB. Please submit your images as JPGs.

Your submission

You can upload your files once you have gathered the sound recording and three images.
Upload all your files through our online form. Please choose a name for your sound and fill out the additional information fields.
The final step is to answer one last question. Your reply should be in all lower case letters.
Now your sound is on its way to us.


If you see a blank white page after sending your files you need to reduce the size of the image files and try again.
In case you keep running into problems, we invite you to send all the files and information by email and we’ll take care of the preservation process for you.
In any case,we will check all recordings and images before they appear online for content and technical requirements. We reserve the right to block any submitted content from display on our site.

Terms of use